Join us this month as GNC celebrates an entire month dedicated to helping women Live Well.
Below you will find GNC products and information specifically targeted to women, along with tips from
the GNC Medical Advisory Board and helpful articles that focus on women’s health and nutritional needs.

Healthy Living is a Family Affair

Nutritional Solutions for the Entire Family. GNC offers premium multivitamins solutions for all ages ranging from prenatal formulas
to those changes needs of maturing adults.

Expert Articles

The Living Well Woman – Taking Care of Yourself at Every Age

The GNC Medical Advisory Board members are committed to helping you be your best. By starting early to maintain your health and wellness, women have the best chance at maintaining their health later in life. The idea of sustained health requires a dialogue between you and your physician to know what’s right for you....

5 Key Health Stats Every Woman Should Know

As awareness generates education, education yields healthier decisions. Those healthier decisions can bring forth prevention. Disease prevention and healthy longevity are very important factors that I use to guide my own personal health decisions....



Women's Health Center
Mom's Advice May Save Lives
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Food for Women's Health
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Tired of Being Tired? Iron Might Help Some Women

Your Body. Only Leaner.

A Simple Plan for Living Lean. Live lean and healthy every day without guesswork by finding the combination of GNC Total Lean™ products that works for you.

Expert Articles

Remembering YOU – Top Workout Tips for Women

As a coach to many professional and amateur fitness, figure and female physique champions, I have gained...

Your Best Body- Yoga Style

This is the second in a series of five videos designed to help you achieve multiple fitness goals...

Nora's Natural Tips to Attainable Health

It is much easier for me to live fit if I think about what I can eat as opposed to what I cannot eat...

Nora's Core Workout

Do you want toned abs, strong legs, defined arms and a pain free back?...

GNC Blog


A Successful Weight Management Combo
5 Tips to Live Lean & Fit
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Protein Options for the GNC Woman: Weight Loss
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4 Protein Packed Snacks
4 Ways to Shake Up Your Protein

Beauty From The Inside Out

It’s more than skin deep. Supplementing your diet with these key nutritional formulas helps promote healthy, glowing skin, radiant hair and strong nails.

Expert Articles

Top Tips for Healthy Aging

Remember that aging doesn’t mean loss of beauty or health, and with proper preparation and appropriate intervention, the aging process can be realistically palatable. Here are some of my top tips:

1. Take a look at your family and your genes for clues to protecting your mind and body. If certain diseases run in your family—such as diabetes, obesity, etc.—work with your doctor and health care professionals to formulate a plan that may help to avoid or impede the development of that disease....

Health Notes & GNC Blog


A Natural Beauty
Evening Primrose Oil
Fishing for a Healthy Dose of Omega 3s

Live Well Every Day

Why GNC Vitapak® Programs? GNC scientifically backed Vitapak® Programs feature more clinically studied ingredients, at higher potencies, in fewer pills than any competitor.

Expert Articles

Health Concerns: Heart Disease and Women

There are so many different approaches to sharing heart health information as we celebrate Women’s Health Month here at GNC, but as a board-certified Cardiologist, I want to stress something to all of you reading this: heart disease is the number one killer of women. Yes, the number one killer of women, even beyond all cancers combined!...



4 Foundational Pillars of Health
Confessions of a Wellness Enthusiast
Essential Supplements
Top Supplements for Heart Health
A 4-Point Plan for Protecting Active Joints

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