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Download Your Total Lean™ Meal Plan

Below is your Body Mass Index and Recommended Calorie Count based upon your answers. After reviewing your results, you can download your customized meal plan to help you get started on the path to living leaner.


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Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure that correlates to body fatness based height and weight, which applies to both men and women. Learn More about BMI.


Try increasing your calorie intake by adding healthy meals and snacks low in fat, but rich with lean protein and fiber; along with regular exercise a part of your daily routine to help maintain a healthy weight.


Your Meal Plan: Calorie Burn

Based upon your nutritional needs and weight-management goals, your recommended calorie count per day is . We've put together a customized meal plan just for you that includes GNC Total Lean™ products to help you reach your daily goal and start living a leaner, healthier life.

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