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GNC Total Lean™ Challenge

The GNC Total Lean™ Challenge is a 12-week lifestyle change program that gives you the tools to get leaner and achieve long-term weight management. It includes:

  • Targeted Nutrition, Featuring Scientifically Formulated Lean Shake™ 25
  • 12 Weekly Home Workout Regimens
  • 12 Weekly Meal Plans Including Recipes
  • 12 Weekly Shopping Lists
  • Video Instruction From A Certified Personal Trainer
  • Online Community Support On GNC's Facebook Page, Twitter and the GNC Blog

Your Guide To Success

If you've ever felt like once you slip up on your daily meal plan or workout efforts, the rest of the day is shot, you're not alone. Some days I let old habits or thoughts control my attitude too. However, you and you alone are in control of achieving your goals. It's as simple as that. Every meal and every workout is an opportunity to start fresh. Even if you only made one healthy decision today, one healthy decision is better than nothing at all; "it's only failure when you stop trying."

Workout Plan

Monday begins with a lower body workout, Tuesday is upper body workout, Thursday is cardio day, Friday is active rest, and Saturday is topped off with a circuit. 

View workout plan

Workout Plan

In the event that you’re unfamiliar with a particular movement or exercise, check out the video instruction featuring FitFluential Steve Pfiester.  It’s no secret, this isn’t his first rodeo. 

Also check out the Bonus Weekend Workout for Week 7. 

Meal Plan

The meal plan for this week is set at ~1,500 calories per day and frequency of eating is reduced to four meals daily.  You’ve experienced what it is like to eat 6 and 5 smaller meals each day; after this week you should have a better feel for what works best for you.  If you don’t prefer this change, repeat one of your favorite meal plans from weeks 1-6.  Regardless, do what works best for your goals and schedule.  View meal plan and view shopping list.

Meal Plan Meal Plan

Keep up the great work!  As always, feel free to reach out to us on twitter: @GNC_Kelly and @GNC_Dan

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