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Does Your Protein Add Up?

At GNC, you get exactly what you pay for with our proteins, but that’s not necessarily the case with other brands.

Independent testing confirms that other protein supplements use added ingredients to spike their protein test results, making it appear that the products contain more protein than they actually do. You can feel confident when you take home a GNC product—we guarantee that Every GNC Protein Supplement contains the amount of protein stated on the label and that it is 100% Real Protein.

How Is the Real Protein Amount Determined?

Determining the amount of real protein in a protein supplement comes down to accurate testing and measurement. In order to accurately calculate the amount of real protein in a protein supplement, the nitrogen from other ingredients, like amino acids betaine and creatine, must be subtracted from the total to determine the real protein amount. Some protein supplement companies use these ingredients to spike their protein test results because they do not subtract the nitrogen from these other sources.

This practice is referred to as “amino spiking.” It is when ingredients that are not whole proteins are being used to spike protein test results. Many of these ingredients have a specific purpose and benefit, but they should not be counted as protein grams.

Does My Protein Supplement Contain 100% Real Protein?

Unfortunately, you cannot confirm if a protein supplement contains 100% Real Protein by reading the product label. The reason is that protein supplement product labels don’t always indicate how they calculate total grams of protein per serving.

The only way to be certain your protein supplement contains 100% Real Protein is to look for GNC Brand Proteins. GNC guarantees that you are getting the exact amount of real protein that is displayed on the product label.

GNC Guarantee

  • Every GNC protein product contains 100% Real Protein with no overstated protein values.
  • GNC never counts the nitrogen from amino acids and other ingredients as grams of real protein, ever!
  • GNC proudly stands behind the quality, potency and taste of our protein supplements – Guaranteed!


Compare Grams of Real Protein Among Brands

GNC Protein Brands Contain 100% Real Protein

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